Employment Benefits


Employees receive 12 paid holidays each year.

0-3 years – 2 weeks, 3-10 years – 3 weeks, 10-15 years – 4 weeks, 15-20 – 5 weeks, 20+ – 6 weeks.

Sick Leave:
Employees earn 1 day each month or 3.6923 per pay period.

Personal Day:
Employees receive a day for their birthday.

Sick Pool Program:
Program for extension of leave in case of catastrophic illness or accident.

Health Insurance: (effective 1st of month following 2 months of service):

Blue Options or High Deductible Health Plan with HRA:

  1. Blue Options Plan – $500 deductible, Co-Pays, 80/20% in network
  2. High Deductible Health Plan with HRA – $1500 deductible, $600 but if employee has child or spouse coverage they get $1000 and if they have family coverage they get $1500 in Health Reimbursement Account, Co-pays, 80/20% in network, 60/40% out of network

Dental Insurance:
PPO plan, $50 deductible, 100% preventative, 80/20% basic, 50% major – $1000 year maximum,  Orthodontia – 100% until lifetime maximum ($1,000) is utilized.

Prescription Drug Plan:
Retail: Generic – $10.00, Preferred Brand name – $50.00, Non Preferred Brand name – $75.00
Mail-In Program – Generic – $20.00, Preferred Brand name – $100.00, Non Preferred Brand name – $150.00

Vision Plan:
Exam, Frames, lenses and contact lenses – co-pays and allowances according to schedule. Higher cost savings for using providers in network.

Long Term Disability:
60% of total monthly earnings, elimination period – 180 days to age 65.

Life Insurance:
Employee – $50,000
Covered Spouse – $5,000
Covered Children – $2,000

Employee’s can have deductions for medical (and certain supplemental policies) taken out on a pre-tax basis.

Supplemental Insurance:
Employee may purchase additional life, accident, disability, hospitalization and cancer insurance at group rates through payroll deduction.

Through the State of Florida with a 3% employee contribution.

Pay Day:
Bi-Weekly payroll. Direct Deposit.

Deferred Compensation:
Tax deferred savings plan available for retirement purposes.

Social Security:
Social Security retirement, disability, and insurance benefits.

Credit Union:
Banking services including checking and savings.

Employee Assistance Program:
Complete program for employees on County Insurance Plan and their covered dependents that include 6 free visits of counseling.

Tuition Reimbursement:
Employees can receive reimbursement for classes that pertain to their job position subject to budget availability.

Employees receive training according to their job position and individual needs.