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New Fraud Alert Service

Effective July 9, 2018:

Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller Hunter S. Conrad, Esq. is pleased to announce that in an effort to better protect the citizens of St Johns County, you may now enroll for free in our fraud alert system. Property fraud is a fast-growing crime in the United States where scammers file false documents to make it appear that they own your home or mortgage.

By signing up for the Fraud Alert system, if a document such as a deed or mortgage is recorded in the Official Records of the Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller’s Office with your name or business name you will receive an electronic notification containing information regarding that recording including a link for you to review the document. It is the sincere belief of your Clerk that this offers the best protection available under the current laws to prevent identity theft through the use of the Official Records.

Please access the Official Records application online at and select “Recording Activity Notification” from the top tool bar to set up your Fraud Alert today!

Passport Processing

Effective January 9, 2018:

The Saint Johns County Clerk’s Office is now processing passport applications at the Julington Creek Annex located at 725 Flora Branch Blvd., St. Johns, Florida.

Passport processing at the Julington Creek Annex is by appointment only. Please contact our office at (904) 819-3632 to make an appointment.

Please see our passport page for more information.


Effective October 18, 2016:

The Saint Johns County Clerk’s Office will begin conducting electronic foreclosure sales online pursuant to Florida Statute §45.031(10) and Administrative Order CV-2016-012-SC for the Seventh Judicial Circuit of Florida.

Training for bidders and plaintiffs will occur on October 3, 2016 beginning at 10:00AM at the St. Johns County Courtroom Annex, Building A, of the Richard O. Watson Judicial Center 4010 Lewis Speedway, Saint Augustine, Florida 32084. Call (904) 819-3652 for more information regarding training.

To register and participate, please visit the website at

For frequently asked questions about the foreclosure sale process, please click this link.


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The Saint Johns County Clerk of Court’s office is proud to present to you a collection of several videos and printed materials from The Office of Court Improvement. This material may be useful to petitioners (and respondents) in preparing for their hearing in DV cases.
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