TurboCourt is a third-party service that will help you complete the necessary forms for dissolution of marriage (divorce), injunctions for protection against domestic violence and landlord-tenant disputes.

TurboCourt walks you through a virtual interview and generates the forms for you. IMPORTANT: This is an interview and save/print and file service only. This process DOES NOT file your packet electronically. You will need to save or print your completed court forms and file them with the Clerk by mail, in person with the appropriate filing fees or by filing electronically through the e-Filing Portal at https://www.myflcourtaccess.com. TurboCourt fees are separate from the Clerk’s filing fees. The TurboCourt fees range from zero up to $10.00, depending on the case type.

Just follow these easy steps:

step number 1Answer a set of simple questions


step number 2Review your forms completed by the system


step number 3Pay, save or print and file in person or e-file


The following case types are currently available:

*These links will take you to the TurboCourt website

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) With Children

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) Without Children

Domestic Violence Protection

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

If you have any questions about the TurboCourt process, please see their Help page at https://turbocourt.com/support.jsp. Our staff is also here to help, but please remember, clerks cannot provide any legal advice.