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What is eFiling?

  • The Florida State Courts System has been working on automating the process for filing court documents for many years. In 2008, the Legislature supported these efforts by mandating a transition to the electronic filing – “e-filing” – of court records and requesting the Supreme Court to set standards, which it did on July 1, 2009. One of those standards provided that a statewide electronic filing portal – “e-portal” – would be developed under the direction of the Supreme Court. 
  • eFiling Portal Video
  • eFiling News and Information

Florida Courts eFiling Authority website

  • Contains more documentation and reports if you really want to get into the weeds

Documentation for Attorney

  • Go here to learn how to setup a statewide account and file cases thru the ePortal.

Documentation for Attorney Firm

  • This download explains how to allow an office administrator to manage all the attorney accounts and filings for the firm.

Link to Live ePortal

  • This is the site where you actually file your “real” cases in any county in Florida. Be careful to select the correct county!
  • Use this site to register and setup your account


  • Will answer many of the questions you have regarding how eFiling works.

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