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What is eFiling?

  • E-Filing is a way to electronically transmit legal documents from an attorney or even a self-represented litigant to a court. Legal documents can also go from the court to the attorney or from one attorney (or party) to another.
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Florida Courts eFiling Authority website

I am not an attorney, can I eFile?

  • Yes! Self Represented Litigants (ProSe litigants) can eFile.
  • Click here for instructions for registering with the ePortal and setting up your account.
  • Click here for training videos and tutorials.

I am an attorney, how do I eFile?

  • In order to eFile, you'll need a computer (a smart phone or tablet will not be sufficient), a valid email address and as an attorney, you'll need your Florida Bar number.
  • Click here to learn how to setup an account on the ePortal.
  • Click here for training videos and tutorials.

I work in a law firm with several attorneys. Can we setup our entire organization?

  • Yes. This document provides instructions for setting up an ePortal organization.

  • Link to Live ePortal

    • This is the site where you actually file your “real” cases in any county in Florida. Be careful to select the correct county!
    • Use this site to register and setup your account


    • Will answer many of the questions you have regarding how eFiling works.

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