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A payment plan is a legally binding contractual arrangement between a defendant and the Clerk of Courts to defer the payment of fines, fees and court costs under F. S.  28.246.
Payment Plan applications are not accepted after 4PM.
Payment plans are not available to individuals on supervised probation or to individuals who have a prior unsuccessfully completed payment plan unless the prior plan is paid in full.

Criminal and Misdemeanor Fines, Fees and Court Costs (For Separate Traffic Costs Click Here)

  • The payment plan set up fee of $25 is required to be paid at the time the plan is established, under F. S. 28.24 (26)(c).
  • Information given on the payment plan contract is subject to verification by the Clerk’s office

The Clerk charges a one time fee for processing each payment plan of $25.00 in accordance with F. S. 28.24(26)(c).  Multiple cases cannot be added together to avoid paying $25.00 for each payment plan.  Each case is to have its own separate payment plan.  This processing charge is required to be paid at the time the payment plan is set up.

Fines, Fees & Court Cost
Time Span
Up to $500.006 months to pay
$500.01 to $800.0012 months to pay
$800.01 to 1,500.0018 months to pay
Greater than $1,500.0024 months to pay

If an individual fails to make payment on a payment plan contract, the Clerk of Courts may charge a late fee of $25 and/or a noticing fee of $7 each time, may suspend your driver’s license, refuse to issue a reinstatement of your driver’s license, refuse to issue another payment plan, place a judgment lien against you, and/or turn your account over to a collection agency. All of these sanctions will add to your debt to the Clerk. Accounts turned over to a collection agency may be assessed up to an additional 40% collection agency service charge in addition to the balance due to the Clerk, F.S. 28.246(6).

Individuals wishing to set up a payment plan who are incarcerated must get a payment plan contract application form the Clerk’s website. The contract must be returned to the Courthouse notarized with the $25 fee. The Clerk of Courts will determine the payment terms.

Payments on payment plans are required every month; however, payment in full is accepted at any time without a pre-payment penalty.  Payments are accepted in person between 8:00a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding courthouse holidays.

Payment plans may be paid via cash, check, money order, cashier’s check and credit card. To make a credit card payment please visit our web site at https://stjohnsclerk.com/courts/ncourt-online-payment/ A new request for a credit card payment will need to be made through the web site for each payment that you wish to make in this manner. We do not keep any credit card numbers on file.

During your payment plan contract you may request an extension of time to pay for hardship.  We will only grant two, thirty-day extensions during the contract.  To request an extension you must contact the Clerk of Courts’ Payment Plan Coordinator at (904)819-3688.

Please make sure to keep your contact information up to date with the Payment Plan Coordinator while you are within the program.  This includes your address, phone number and email address.

Mail payments and correspondence to:

St. Johns County Courthouse

Attn: Cashiering

4010 Lewis Speedway

St. Augustine, FL 32084

A payment must include your case number.

For the Payment Plan Contract, please click here.

For further assistance the Payment Plan Coordinator may be reached at (904) 819-3688.

St. Johns County Clerk of Court