Records Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you have a public access terminal? If so, how far back do the records go and is full date of birth available?
Yes - public terminals are available.  As of right now, full DOB is available only on criminal cases.
2Do you provide a Users Guide or Users Manual for your website?
Not needed. The website is intuitive and there are sufficient instructions on the website.
3Do you know if the case information on your website would be the same information as if I would go directly to the courthouse and conduct a search?
Yes. With the exception that you cannot view the case documents online - only the data , at this time .
4Is full sentencing available?
5Are the gradings (felony, misdemeanor, etc.) provided for all charges, including the original and amended?
6Are both Original and Amended charges listed?
7Does your website list Violation of Probation on your cases?
8Does your website have dismissed cases?
9Does your website have active warrants or warrant information?
We do not display active warrants information.
10If your website is having technical issues or is down, will there be a message indicating so, or will we get an error message when we try to search a name?
If we know ahead of time, we will try to post on the main website. If the site is down, you'll get a "page not found" error - you won't be able to search.
11Is your website available 24 hours and or does your website have scheduled maintenance times?
Generally available 24/7. There are times we have to bring it down for unexpected maintenance, or power failures or network issues, but those are pretty rare.
12Is your website considered real time or how often is it updated?
Searches are real time.
13Does your website have felony, misdemeanor, civil and traffic cases available?

Yes: - this option let's you search for all types, or you can specify which case type.

14Can you tell me how far back the criminal and civil records go on your website?
Criminal records go back approx. 20+ years. Some further if they were active when we went on computerized record keeping. Civil since approx 1984.