Brandon J. Patty 
St. Johns County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller

4010 Lewis Speedway
St. Augustine, FL  32084
Tel: (904) 819-3600

Public Records

The Clerk’s Office is committed to providing the public with easy access to the public records which it retains. Before submitting a request, consider searching our records online by clicking Court Records, Official Records, or Board Records. Additionally, there are public viewing terminals located on-site that may be utilized for the search and viewing of public records.

Public records requests may be made in person, by mail, email, or fax at:

St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Attn: Records Management

4010 Lewis Speedway

Saint Augustine, FL 32084

Email: re*****@st**********.com

Requesting Research

To ensure accurate and expeditious fulfillment of your request, please provide the following items:

  • Written request for research (click here for form).
  • Payment by an accepted method listed below (payment must be received before copies are made, no exceptions).
  • A self-addressed and stamped envelope for return of the requested copies (if requesting copies to be returned via mail OR if requesting certified copies).


For copies of:

Fee Schedule: 


Research Fee (per name and per year if no case number is provided)


Large request (more than 15 minutes and in addition to normal fees – per ¼ hour)


Copies of a court record (per page – paper and digital)


Copies of a board record (per page – paper and digital)


Copies of a marriage license (per page – paper and digital)


Certification of copies (per document – available for paper copies only)


Exemplification letter (certifying the court documents are true and correct)*


Diligent search letter (certifying the results of a court records search)


Digital copy of an official record book (per book)


Digital copy of a map book (per book)


Fax Fee (per fax)


Media Fee for providing copies on USB Flash Drive or CD/DVD

* The exemplification letter is in addition to the costs of $1.00 per page for copies and $2.00 certification per document.

Payment Methods:

  • Cash (in person only)
  • Personal check, money order, or cashier’s check made payable to the St. Johns County Clerk of Court.
  • Credit Card (Please Note: A convenience fee of 3.5% will be added to the authorized amount in accordance with the Clerk’s merchant services contract – Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted)

St. Johns County Clerk of Court