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The Mental Health Division is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to assist with mental health or substance abuse impairment matters. The person you are attempting to obtain services for must be located within St. Johns County. Anyone with firsthand knowledge of the person’s mental health illness or substance abuse may file these petitions.

The Florida Department of Children and Families maintains the form petitions provided below. The clerk’s office has published these forms on its website as a public service. The clerk’s office cannot offer legal advice or assist in the completion of these forms.

Most court records maintained in the Mental Health Division are confidential and exempt from public access.


The Baker Act provides legal procedures for mental health examination and treatment. This procedure provides a court-ordered emergency pickup by local law enforcement and evaluation for mentally ill persons who refuse to seek treatment and are a danger to themselves or others. If emergency services are required after hours, on the weekend, or on a holiday, please contact local law enforcement.

Involuntary Examination - Florida Statute § 394.463

Form MH 3002: Petition and Affidavit Seeking Ex Parte Order Requiring Involuntary Examination

Review Baker Act Manual online for additional information.


The Marchman Act provides for involuntary assessment, stabilization, and treatment of adults and youth who are severely impaired due to substance abuse and are unwilling to voluntarily get an assessment or treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. If the person is willing to submit to treatment voluntarily, they do not meet the criteria for the petitions below.

Review the Marchman Act User Reference Guide online for additional information.

Step 1: Involuntary Assessment and Stabilization - Florida Statute § 397.6811

Form MH 4006: Petition for Involuntary Substance Abuse Assessment and Stabilization

Step 2: Involuntary Treatment - Florida Statute § 397.693

Form MA-16: Petition for Involuntary Treatment

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