Past the Compliance Date

Late Fees Applied & License Suspended:

You are given thirty days from the violation date to comply with a Traffic Citation in St Johns County. Once the compliance date has passed and no action has been taken to comply with the citation, the process of suspending your driver’s license will begin and late fees will be added to the fine.

If you have failed to comply with your citation and are suspended or in the process of suspension by your driver’s license state; you will need to contact our office immediately to comply with your case and clear the suspension process. You will have your original fine plus a late fee to pay, once paid you will be given a D6 Clearance form. The D6 Clearance form must be taken to your local Driver’s License Office; this clearance must be noted on your driving record to remove or cancel the suspension process. In some cases we may be able to reinstate your license at the Clerk’s Office through the State of Florida’s License database. There is an additional fee required for reinstatement.

The options to elect Traffic School or setup a Payment Plan are no longer available once suspension has begun. You may request court by completing a Late Denial Hearing form. If the Late Denial form is filed within 180 days of your citation the Clerk’s Office will accept the form with the late fee to grant a hearing and give you your D6 clearance form. If you are past 180 days from the violation date your request must be sent to the Judge for review and approval; your suspension will remain until the Judge has reviewed your request. Upon approval of a late hearing you will be allowed to pay the late fee to receive the D6 Clearance form to stop the suspension process.