Misdemeanor & Criminal Traffic

The County section of the Criminal Division keeps records for the court system primarily related to Misdemeanor and Criminal Traffic.  Misdemeanor cases are crimes of a lower degree than Felonies, punishable by a fine, court costs, probation, or imprisonment in the County Jail for no more than one year.  Misdemeanors are classified into two degrees:

First Degree Misdemeanor is punishable by up to one year in the county jail.

Second Degree Misdemeanor is punishable by up to 60 days in the county jail.

Some misdemeanor offenses in which the violator has not been arrested may be resolved by paying a fine in lieu of a court appearance.  In accordance with Administrative Order CR-2017-005-SC, this applies to the following violations.

Unlawful Sale/Use of Fireworks§ 791.02(1)$273.00*
Trespassing§ 810.08(1) I (2)(a)&(b), § 810.09(1) I (2)(a)&(b)$273.00*
Obstruction by Disguise§ 843.03$273.00*
Altering Date of Birth On Driver's License or ID§ 322.212(5)(b)$273.00*
Unlawful Use of Another's Driver's License§ 322.32(3)$273.00*
Unlawful Use of an ID§ 322.051(6)$273.00*
Disorderly Conduct§ 877.03$273.00*
Disorderly Intoxication§ 856.011$288.00*
Possession of Alcohol under 21§ 562.111$288.00*
Misrepresenting Age to Obtain Alcohol§ 562.11(2)$288.00*

*Included in each of these payable amounts are costs of prosecution in the amount of $50.00 (see § 938.27, F.S.).

*There is an additional 3.5% charge if paying via credit card that is not reflected in the above amounts

*Please click here to verify your case and the amounts prior to remitting payment

Some driving charges of Operating a Motor Vehicle without a Valid Driver’s License or registration may disposed by filing a plea of Nolo Contender in lieu of a court appearance.  Please refer to the Eligibility, Verification and Plea of Nolo Contender form for further information.