Parking Tickets

The Clerk’s Office processes St Johns County and St Augustine Beach Parking Citations. We only process citations issued by the St Augustine City Police Department when a court hearing is requested by the ticket recipient. The St Augustine City Parking Citations are issued in the Historic downtown St Augustine area. If you have a parking citation issued within the St Augustine City limits please contact (904) 825-1034.

Please review the following images to determine if the parking citation you received is County, Beach or City.

St Johns County parking violations:

  1. Parking violation other than handicap space – 30 Day Compliance
  2. Parking in handicap space – 30 Day Compliance
  3. Parking violation of beach code – 7 Day Compliance

St Augustine Beach Parking Citations are due within 20 days to the office stated on the back of the citation. After 20 days they are turned over to the Clerk’s Office for a court hearing.

St Augustine City Parking Violations contact page.

**Additional fines and a court hearing will be set on unpaid Parking Citations*